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InsertFormattedText – XpressDox

This command provides a multi line field on the interview.


Command structure:



The above fillpoint will cause the ‘Address’ to be formatted in the assembled document with each line of ‘Address’ on its own line in the merged document, just as it was entered by the user in the data capture dialog.

There is an extra (optional) parameter, being Paragraph or Lines. Paragraph will cause each line in ‘Address’ to appear in its own paragraph, whereas Lines (which is the default) puts line breaks between each line.



Each line can be formatted by the user whilst they are capturing the data, with bold, italic and underline. This is done by using *[for bold]*, /[for italic]/ and -[for underline]-. Otherwise, select the text to be styled, and press <Ctrl b> for bold, <Ctrl i> for italic and <Ctrl u> to underline the selected text.