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InterviewIsWizard – XpressDox

This command is used in conjunction with the Tab command and causes XpressDox to produce a “wizard” form of interview.


Command structure:


The way this works is that the interview will contain a Next and Back button, which provide an alternative mechanism for the user to navigate from one Tab to the next. In the desktop version, the Tabs do not appear horizontally at the top of the interview, but they appear vertically in the treeview where repeating items are traditionally captured.

A further feature of the Wizard view is that repeaters can be included in a Tab command, and this will create a new node in the treeview under which the repeater instances will appear.

The format of the Wizard interview bears a strong resemblance to that produced by HotDocs®.




This option applies to web interviews only, and restricts navigation through the interview via the Back and Next buttons meaning users cannot click on the Tabs to move through the interview.


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