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Layout the interview form using headings and footings

The Heading command can be used to place a heading above a data element on the data capture form.

«Heading(CompanyName, COMPANY DETAILS)»

This will place the heading ”  COMPANY DETAILS” above the capture control for the data element CompanyName in the data capture interview.

The Footing command is in all respects the same as the Heading command, except that the Footing command places the text below the capture control on the data capture interview.

Notice that horizontal layout of the heading text can be controlled by including spaces after the comma in the command.  In the above example, and as shown below, there are two spaces. More advanced layout features are discussed in the Cookbook recipe Styling and coloring the Caption and Heading

Multiple line Headings and Footings

A heading can consist of multiple lines.  This is achieved using two or more «Heading()» commands.  The text of each new «Heading()» command will appear on a new new line in the interview.

The same applies to «Footing()»s.

Using headings in XpressDox Docussembly™