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Merging configurations

When a template is run from a specific folder (the Source Folder), the actual configuration settings used for that template and, in fact, for all templates from that folder are made up of the configuration settings saved in that folder, merged with any configuration settings for all the folders of which the source folder is a sub-folder.

This means that if any of the Document Save Folder, Data Save Folder and any of the list of Helper Folders is missing from the Source Folder’s configuration, then they are ‘filled in’ from the configuration in the Source Folder’s parent folder.

Merged configurations and configuration chains

And this continues up the chain of parent folders mutatis mutandis. The configuration thus arrived at is called the Merged Configuration, and the chain of folders from the Source Folder up to its ultimate parent folder is called the Configuration Chain.

This merging also applies to the Standard Data Elements – except in this case the Standard Data Elements configured in the Home Configuration are those which take precedence if there are any like-named items in the Source Folder’s Merged Configuration.

This is regardless of whether the Home Configuration folder is in the Source Folder’s Configuration Chain or not.

Helper Folder definitions and Data Source definitions are merged in a similar fashion. In these two cases, the Source Folder configuration takes precedence over the Home Configuration, unless explicitly overridden in the Source Folder configuration for a specific Helper Folder or Data Source.