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Position – XpressDox

XpressDox templates make use of XSLT functions

The position() function is an XSLT function, but can be used in an XpressDox template to return the position of a repeated item. It is a numeric value, where 1 is the number of the first repeated item.

This article provides more background on using XSLT functions in XpressDox.


Examples of usage:

«Comment(Insert the positions of each repeated child)»
«position()». «ChildName»

«Comment(Capture a name for each child and then print only the first child.
Because the position is a numerical value it can also be written like this)»

«Comment(Use position in an If statement. A template should be included for each party
and it should begin on a new page. Don’t print an empty blank page at the end.)»
«if(position() != last())»
[Ctrl + Enter to insert a PAGE BREAK]
«End(if position not last)»
«End(for each)»