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PrefixWith – XpressDox


This function is particularly useful in the situation where, say, you have an address consisting of data elements AddressLine1AddressLine2AddressLine3, and AddressLine4, but that perhaps lines 2, 3 and 4 are empty.  Further, you want to present the address in a single line, with the different AddressLine data elements separated by commas.

You could code this as:

«AddressLine1»«If(AddressLine2 != '')», «AddressLine2»«End()»«If(AddressLine3 != '')», «AddressLine3»«End()»«If(AddressLine4 != '')», «AddressLine4»«End()»

which will work, but is tedious to type and not easy to read.

With PrefixWith you can now type this:

«AddressLine1»«PrefixWith(AddressLine2, ', ')»«PrefixWith(AddressLine3, ', ')»«PrefixWith(AddressLine4, ', ')»


Whereas PrefixWith is useful for structures like addresses where usually at least the first line will have a value, SuffixWith is handy for the case of parts of a name, where sometimes the first one or two parts are unknown or not specified. The following example shows how this function would be used:

«SuffixWith(Title,' ')»«SuffixWith(FirstNames,' ')»«LastName»

In the case where, say, the Title or FirstNames are empty, the trailing space will not be rendered into the assembled document.