PreventRepeaterDeletion – XpressDox

This command enables the template author to prevent users from deleting items in a repeater.

Command structure:

«PreventRepeaterDeletion(Director,../CompanyType = 'Private')»

Where Director is the name of the repeating party, and CompanyType is the element (outside of the repeater, hence the ../ syntax) providing the condition under which the item should or should not be deleted.


Scenario 1 (IncludeFileData):

Consider a scenario where data is sent in to the interview by means of an external data source, e.g. an IncludeFileData or IncludeDataSourceData, and that data includes a certain number of repeaters should the user have selected a company type. The repeaters are included in the data sent in to the interview and the user should not be allowed to delete them. This scenario is also true of integrated interviews.



Scenario 2 (Document Services):

Another use case of this command might be in the context of Document Services, or Shared Interviews. If some data has already been entered by the sender that should not be deleted by the recipient of the interview, use this command to enforce that. «PreventRepeaterDeletion(Director,IsTrue(../XD_isSharedInterviewMode))»