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RemoveRowIf – XpressDox

Removes a table row in your XpressDox template if a certain condition is true.


When your template contains a table and that table contains rows which should be only included if certain conditions are true, the «RemoveRowIf()» command can be a simple way of deleting rows without the need for If / End commands. It can become especially usefully when the table contains nested «ForEach()» and «If()» commands and without careful precision would leave behind some empty rows.


The «RemoveRowIf()» command enables the author to put all the code into the template to construct a Word table, and then insert

«RemoveRowIf(Required = 'N')»

into any cell.  The entire table row containing that command will then be removed from the table if the “condition” evaluates as true.


The «RemoveRowIf()» command does not require a matching End.


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