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RenderAsNumeric – XpressDox

The calculation features of XpressDox require that values conform to a specific format. This format permits numeric digits, an optional leading sign (+ or -) and an optional decimal point. Thousands separators, spaces and other such characters are not permitted.

The RenderAsNumeric function will ensure that a data element value is converted to a format which can be used in the XpressDox calculations as well as in the FormatNumber function.

Examples of usage are:

«FormatNumber(RenderAsNumeric(Amount) * 1.1))»

The results of this (which is a formula to increase the value of Amount by 10%) for different values of the data element Amount are:

Data Element Amount Value of fillpoint
<Empty string> 0.00
100 110.00
1,000.00 1,100.00
2.000,00 2,200.00
+One Hundred 0.00