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The Repeater Question (v14) – XpressDox

The ribbon

With the launch of XpressDox low code, or version 14, the Repeater Question is now available directly from the ribbon.



When to use a repeater:

Use this when you as the template author do not know up front the number of items the user will need during the time of capture. It may be for a number of parties or properties in a transaction, or items in a calculation.


Simple steps to follow:



  1. Type in the name of your repeating Field e.g. Party. This will later become known as your Parent element, and it’s good to become familiar with the terminology.
  2. Type in some more descriptive text for the question if you would like to.
  3. Type in all the fields which should repeat. E.g. the names of the parties, their contact information, marital status etc. These elements become known as the Child elements of the Parent element.
  4. Choose whether you want this repeater captured in a grid format on the interview.


More options:

Now click Show Options:

The fields which you have typed here can be for capture purposes only, or you can include the answer to the questions in your assembled document. If you check that box, then further options are presented.


Displaying the fields in the document:

Now check each of the fields which should appear in the document. Perhaps some of them should be asked in the interview, but the result should not be shown on the document.

Lastly select the format of the fields in the document. Each option you click on will prompt a preview of the type of output you can expect to see in the document.

Make your selection, e.g. a, b, and c.



And the following will be inserted into the template:

«RepeaterCaption(Party,Enter the details of each party here)»
«End(ForEach Party)»
«List(Party,First_Name Last_Name Contact_Number,!, ,!, and )»

A simple list command will be inserted, since we chose the a, b and c option.


Capturing details on the interview:

Once done, the interview will have a new section for repeating parties:

Click on Add party to enter information for each party.

Click Confirm to return to the main interview, or Confirm and add next to enter another Party.


Click Assemble when you’re ready to assemble your document. Because we chose the a, b and c option, the following is inserted into the document:


The grid option (CaptureInGrid):

Choosing the Grid option changes the Repeat layout capture to this:

Note that this command cannot be “reverse-engineered”. That means you cannot click on “Edit Fillpoint” and edit what you have inserted into the template by changing it in the helper. You can manually edit the fillpoints in the template. Or if you need to change it completely, it might make sense to start the process from scratch.


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