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RunAsHugeTemplate – XpressDox

There is a feature (perhaps a bug) in Microsoft® Office that prevents Add-ins like XpressDox from working with very large documents.  This affects XpressDox when a template being merged ends up being about 400 or more pages long. It only occurs when the template is run inside the XpressDox desktop add-in in MS Word – it does not occur when the template is run in the cloud.

The symptom of this feature is a message from XpressDox suggesting that the RunAsHugeTemplate command be used.  This command causes XpressDox to work around the problem by running the template via a separate executable and then opening the merged result in a separate instance of Word.  It was decided not to make this workaround an automatic feature of the XpressDox desktop, but rather to make it dependant on the RunAsHugeTemplate feature.  This way the template author is in control of when the workaround is necessary and when not.

The command has a very simple syntax: