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RunWordMacro – XpressDox

This command enables the template author to cause XpressDox to run a Word macro after the template has been merged.


The above command will cause the two named macros (i.e. AlignParagraphs and TranslateDoubleQuotes) to be run after the template has been merged.

The Delay Option

XpressDox needs to accommodate the changing world, and in particular the fact that there are now cloud-based file storage systems such as One Drive, Google Drive, etc. Some of these systems have a file-synch feature which is very useful, but some of those systems don’t always cooperate nicely with the rest of the environment. Suffice it to say that XpressDox needs to try to accommodate those systems, and this particularly affects the way assembled documents are stored and translated.

In particular, if you have a macro which saves the merged document into a location other than the one configured, then the macro execution must be delayed until after XpressDox has performed the above accommodation.

The Delay option, if specified, will be the last option passed to the RunWordMacro command, for example:


The string Delay looks like a macro name, so that if your macro is also called Delay, then you would use:


If you need a macro to be run before a merged document is saved in any format other than Word format (e.g. PDF or Text or HTML), then the Delay option is not available.

The Delay option became available in version 8.3.1 of XpressDox.

Note that Word macros do not run in the Cloud/Server environment.