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SaveAsEmail – XpressDox

This function enables you to save the assembled document as an .eml (email) file. Once assembled, the .eml file is ready to be sent via Outlook.


View a quick demo of the SaveAsEmail function:


Command structure:

«SaveAsEmail('','Information required')»


SaveAsEmail takes 2 parameters, the email address to whom the email should be sent and the subject of the email. Each of those parameters can be static text or data elements. If either of the parameters are static text, then that text should should appear in quotes, for instance in the above example.


Adding further recipients:

Use the AddToAddress, AddCCAddress and AddBCCAddress commands to add further recipients. The same rules regarding text in quotes, or data elements, apply.


Replacing SendWebEmail:

This feature can replace the SendWebEmail command, and because the file which will be saved as an .eml file is an XpressDox template rather than an html file you have a lot more control over the styling of the email. Use all your Word skills to design a beautiful email!


Attaching files («AttachToEmail»):

In a scenario where you are assembling a suite a documents using the «MergeTemplate()» function, use the «AttachToEmail()» command to attach the document assembled by the MergeTemplate, to the email. Place «AttachToEmail()» on each template assembled by the MergeTemplate function that should be attached to the email.


SaveAsEmail / SendAsEmail:

This command assembles to eml but does not send any emails. There is also a command called SendAsEmail which assembles and sends.


Note: This feature is available from v14 onwards, and currently only works in the web.