SetProfileProperty – XpressDox

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Use this XpressDox command to set a document property in a Document Management System

SetProfileProperty enables the template author to set a document property in the assembled document, specifically for use in the profiling of documents in a Document Management System such as iManage or NetDocuments.

The function takes 2 parameters; the custom field name, and a value which can be hard coded or set dynamically.



An example of setting an iManage property would be:

«Comment(Set the property to a hard coded value)»

«Caption(Letter_type,Document type)»

This example sets the iManage property ‘custom13’ (lower case ‘c’) to the value of either Draft or Final, whichever the user selects in the XpressDox interview. The value can be seen in the document properties in iManage.



An example of setting a NetDocuments property would be: