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SetV – XpressDox

SetV sets the value of an XpressDox variable.


Reference material:

Please read through this article to understand the difference between data elements and variables.

And this article for an overview of working with variables in an XpressDox template.

And for reference, here is a post containing a comprehensive list of all the commands about variables.


Some concepts with an example:

SetV (Set Variable) works in conjunction with GetV (Get Variable). You must Set a variable before you can Get it / use it.

«Comment(using variables in date calculations)»
Rental contract:
Effective date of contract: «FormatDate(Effective_date,'d MMMM, yyyy')»
Period in months: «Period»
Rental commences on: «SetV('rentStart',IncrementDate(Effective_date,Period,'m'))»«FormatDate(GetV('rentStart'),'d MMMM, yyyy')»

Two weeks after rent becomes effective: «FormatDate(IncrementDate(GetV('rentStart'),14,'d'),'d MMMM, yyyy')»

As demonstrated, all variable names appear in quotes, unless you are using the shortcut notation as described in the overview article.