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SetWebInterimSaveButton – XpressDox

This command will enable a cloud user to save a partially completed interview without generating a merged document.

The command provides text for the button which will appear on the interview screen, and also a URL to which the partially completed data set will be sent.

The data will be in XML format consistant with that found in XpressDox data files and will be posted (HTTP POST) via an HTML form to the specified URL. The name of the parameter containing the xml data will be set to xdXMLData.

An example would be:

«SetWebInterimSaveButton(Save data and Exit,»

For more information about integrating an interview into your web page, please see the documentation built into XpressDox Cloud. To access the integration information, login to your XpressDox Cloud Account, click to view any interview and then click the “Include Interview in your Page” link on the left had side of the page (link also available in the dropdown menu on the explorer page). Answer the very simple form and hit the “Show Me How” button and the code you need, along with an explanation, will be generated for you.