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ShowHidden – XpressDox

XpressDox has a powerful Relevance Engine which hides or shows controls (those areas where data for data elements are captured) on the interview.

Take the following snippet:


The party is: «Name» and the «If(PartyType = ‘Individual’)»Identity Number is «IDNumber»«Else()»Company Number is «CompanyNumber» and Discount is «Discount»«End()»

If the user chooses ‘Individual’ as the PartyType, then CompanyNumber and Discount need not be shown on the interview.  And conversely, if the PartyType is ‘Company’ then the IDNumber is not needed in the interview.  XpressDox will then hide the appropriate (i.e. the irrelevant) data element controls from the interview.

The interview then presents the user with the choice of showing the hidden fields, or not.  The ShowHidden command allows the template author to override the user choice for certain or all data elements.

In the above example, it may make sense to always show the Discount control, even though in the case of an Individual its value should not be changed by the user.


would cause the Discount control to be visible (but read-only) even when the PartyType is ‘Individual’.


would apply to both the Discount and IDNumber controls.


would apply to all irrelevant controls in the interview.