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In both the Desktop and Web versions of XpressDox, tabs (see Using Tabs in the interview) are always orientated horizontally, but this can be changed:



The TabOrientation command offers a way of changing that to orientate the tabs vertically in the Web.

Desktop (Word):

The TabOrientation command only works in the web environment, but the InterviewIsWizard command provides a way of rendering tabs in a vertical orientation in the Desktop (Word) environment – even though they are no longer strictly tabs but nodes in a tree view.


Command structure:


«TabOrientation(Horizontal)» The default. Not specifying any orientation of tabs would result in them being horizontal.



«TabOrientation(Vertical)» to orientate the tabs down the left hand side of the interview.



«TabOrientation(None)» Remove the tabs completely from the interview. Use this in conjunction with InterviewIsWizard so that the user can navigate through the interview only through the Back and Next buttons. This is similar to the Strict parameter on the InterviewIsWizard, except with that instruction, the user still gets to see which tab they are on when completing the interview.



«TabOrientation(Header)» Remove the tabs but place the tab name in a header at the top of the interview. This was introduced for integrated interviews. Currently there is no ability to style the header in XpressDox; any required styling would be done in css in the Javascript integration.


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