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ToLower – XpressDox

Regardless of the case of the value entered into the interview or imported from a database, that value can be converted into lower case.


Command structure:

“Plaintiff” becomes “plaintiff”


Additional parameters on the ToLower function:


ToLower can begin converting the string at any character supplied at the Starting Character Number, 1 being the first character. And similarly, should you wish to convert only a part of the string, then insert a number into the 3rd block. A 0 means that the entire string will be converted. These are both optional, and a 1 and 0 mean that the entire string will be converted into lower case.



Combining ToLower with other functions:

Convert a string to lower case before testing it in:
«When(StartsWithVowel(ToLower(Fruit)),an,a)» «ToLower(Fruit)»



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