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UpdateTableFormattingForPdf – XpressDox

Sometimes, not in every case, when using the RemoveColumnIf command, in conjunction with The SaveAsPDF Command, it can turn out the the PDF renderer does not render the table where the column has been removed correctly.

The UpdateTableFormattingForPdf function will usually fix this table rendering.

Suppose you have a command «RemoveColumnIf(Amount = 0,1)» inside a table in the template. If it turns out, by trial and error, that when saved as PDF the table is not rendered properly, then including the following fillpoint should fix the table format:

«UpdateTableFormattingForPdf(Amount = 0)»

Note that the condition passed to the UpdateTableFormattingForPdf must result in the same value as the condition passed to the RemoveColumnIf.

If the assembled document is not to be saved as PDF, then the UpdateTableFormattingForPdf can still be included in the template, but will have no effect.