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Using XSLT functions – XpressDox

XpressDox uses XSLT technology to insert data elements into Fillpoints. This means that a vast amount of functionality is available to the experienced user, especially the XSLT functions, which are used to format data.

XpressDox functions and XSLT functions can be mixed in one Fillpoint, for example:


When authoring templates in versions of XpressDox prior to version 4, it is important to bear in mind that if a data element only ever appears as an argument to a nested function (as in the above two examples), then that data element will not be recognised automatically by the dynamic data capture facility of XpressDox when used inside MSWord, as explained in the Using CaptureDataElement during data capture post.

To overcome this, if the data element is in fact to be made available to the data capture feature, then it will need to be defined to that feature using the CaptureDataElement command.

The XpressDox Command Assistant will provide access to the most useful and popular of these functions.