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With – XpressDox

This article follows on from the Set command article.

The With command allows you to add a condition block around one more Set commands, and apply the same conditions to those Set commands.

Conditions in Set commands:

By way of example, consider several Set commands which all need to apply if the Number_of_Shareholders > 3.

«Set(Ordinary_Resolution_Percentage,(Number_of_Shareholders > 3),75)»
«Set(Special_Resolution_Percentage,(Number_of_Shareholders > 3),85)»
«Set(Number_of_Members,((Number_of_Shareholders > 3)),5)»


Use a With command:

The above could be simplified using a With command, especially if there are multiple conditions:

«With(Number_of_Shareholders > 3)»

Now each Set command inherits the condition inside the With block. If there is also a condition inside the Set command, both conditions will be applied.



It is important to note that the With command is only used within the context of the Set command.


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