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All commands regarding Repeating Data – XpressDox

All XpressDox commands regarding repeating data


Here is a consolidated list of all XpressDox commands regarding the handling of repeating data. Click on each command for a more detailed article.


Repeat data elements and/or text. Repeats can be nested to any number of levels i.e. ForEach’s within ForEach’s.

You can use the Repeater Question button on the ribbon if you are using v14 of XpressDox. However this Low Code method of inserting a repeating question into your template is restricted to one level of repeats only.


Get the last item in the set of repeated elements.
«Party[position() = last()])»«Name»«End()»


Get the ordinal inside a ForEach.
«ForEach(Defendant)»«Ordinal(,First,Second,Third,Fourth,Fifth,Sixth,Seventh and Subsequent)»«Name»«End()»


Returns the position (a numeric value) of the ForEach.


Repeat a block while a condition remains true.


Returns the number of repeated items (a numerical value). This is useful to ensure that the plurals on documents is correct.
«when(count(Party) > 1,Defendants,Defendant)»


Produce a comma delimited list from repeating data.