Comparison of XpressDox Server Functionality

Feature Cloud/Integration WinAuth (not available from v14 onwards)
Authentication Forms Authentication Windows Authentication (Active Directory)
Hosted Self-hosted or SaaS Local Network
Folder structure Restricted to Registered Account Configured via shared Settings file
Folder permissions Restricted using Custom
User Groups defined in the
Active Directory File and folder permissions are
adhered to
Access to file system Only if Self hosted Yes
User management XpressDox Active Directory
MFA Yes, via Azure AD No
SSO Yes, via Azure AD Yes (Kerberos Authentication)
Shared interviews Yes No
iFrame and Javascript integrated interviews Yes Yes
Rest API Yes No
XpressDox explorer Yes Yes
Tenancy Multi tenant, Single tenant optional Single tenant
External file system/DMS support Yes Yes
Email support Yes Yes
Encryption at rest support Yes No
Publisher support Yes No
Tasks (Cleanup and Artifact) Yes Yes
Branding (Custom theme and logo) Yes Yes