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Set Web Information for a Template

These commands will enable the template author to control the workflow around templates which are uploaded and run on an XpressDox server.



You can provide as many of these commands as necessary. The command can be used to send an email attaching either (or none of) the merged Word document, the merged PDF document and/or the data set captured in the interview.  The best way to view the different options available on this command is to use the wizard in the Command Editor, but one example would be:

«SendWebEmail(ToAddress,CCAddress,'','','subject','body text','true','true','true')»

From v14 onwards, the SendAsEmail and SaveAsEmail are far more efficient ways of sending or saving to email.


This provides an alternative text on the button which by default has the text “Assemble Document” on it. Depending on the usage which the template is designed for, it might make sense to change this text to something like “Submit”, e.g.




Enables the return URL to be provided so that when the interview is complete and the document assembled, this URL is activated.

An example would be: