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UAT testing – XpressDox

XpressDox goes out of its way to test new releases before rolling them out into the Live environments. In addition, each of our cloud instances has a UAT (User Acceptance Testing) instance configured. New releases are rolled to UAT, communication sent to users and thereafter, that version is promoted to the Live environment.


Where to login:

URL’s can be found here.


Credentials to use:

Log in to UAT with the same user credentials that you use to access your Live XpressDox Cloud account.


The UAT environment operates against the same file system and database as the Live environment. The benefit is that you can test your live templates against the new version, without having to maintain a separate set of templates or account. Given this, please remember that any changes made to your account or files affect both environments.

Although we test all releases as thoroughly as we possibly can, due to the versatility of XpressDox, each client implements the program uniquely and as such, testing on your own template set is important. Running through your templates on UAT after an update ensures that any issues found are fixed before rolled into Live.

A version is in UAT for at least a week before it is promoted to the Live environment. Any issues found should be reported to us as soon as possible. If there are any fixes, UAT will be updated again and users notified.


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