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How to share interviews in XpressDox (an overview)

What does it mean to share an XpressDox interview?

XpressDox allows you to securely share intelligent questionnaires with external users or clients, so that they capture their own information. This data can then be re-used to generate other documents or forms, saving time on data entry, and improving accuracy of information as the client captures their information themselves. Known as XpressDox Document Services, it is ideal for new client take-on or onboarding.



How to share an XpressDox Interview with an external user:

  • Run an XpressDox template in the Cloud
  • Partially complete the interview, or leave all fields blank
  • Click on Share Interview.


Document Automation Software. Send an XpressDox questionnaire to user for data capture


Now set the Recipient’s Information, and some settings for the Share:

  • Reference : Name your Shared Interview with a Reference
  • Share Type: Individual (one recipient only) or Group (a share can be forwarded from one email address to many, thereby creating unique shares)
  • Recipient’s email address : only one email address is allowed
  • Email method : either prepare an Outlook email or get XpressDox to send it for you
  • Password : either no password, the Recipient can set their own password, or auto-generate a PIN which you can give to them separately.
  • Deactivate the share : the Recipient will only be able to assemble the document once if this is checked
  • Access to assembled document : Recipient may not download any documents if this is checked
  • Expiration period : Recipient has a limited time to complete the interview
  • Click Next to design the email


Create an Invitation Email:

  • A custom email message can be created to send to the Recipient, which can be saved as a template for re-use in future shares.
  • This invitation email can contain both images and text, and styled according to your brand.
  • It also contains a link to the Shared Interview which will be be displayed in the email to the Recipient.
  • When the Recipient clicks on that link in the email, the shared interview will be displayed in a browser along with the theme and logo as per the Sender’s XpressDox Cloud account.
  • Click Next.


Create a Result page:

  • This is the page that the Recipient sees when they are finished completing the interview.
  • This page can also be styled, and saved as a template for re-use in future shares.
  • Click Finish.


At this point, if Outlook was chosen as the email method, an email will be created and downloaded and is ready to be sent.

If XpressDox was chosen as the email method, the email is sent automatically.

Once the Recipient has completed the interview, a notification email is sent to the Sender.



Manage Shares:

  • The Sender is given immediate access to manage their Shared Interviews, but can return to this page by clicking on Interviews>Shared
  • Icons represent which state the Shares are in; in progress, group, deactivated, or deleted
  • The number of views and assemblies are also immediately visible, but for a more detailed history click on the context menu (3 dots) and click “View History
  • There are other options available in this context menu:
    1. View Interview” will load the interview (with any captured data) in the same way the Recipient would see it
    2. Go to Folder” accesses the folder where the shared template is located
    3.  Click “Download” to download a completed document, click “Resend” to resend the invitation email, “Deactivate” to manually deactivate a share and “Delete” to delete it
    4.  Deactivated interviews will have an “Activate” option
    5.  If a PIN was specified, there will be an option to reset that PIN
    6. Deleted interviews can be accessed with the “Show Deleted” button, but are permanently deleted after 30 days. Deleted interviews cannot be restored.


Who can send shared interviews?

There are 4 user roles in XpressDox; an Account Administrator, a File Administrator, a Template Runner and a Shared Interview user. It is only the Template Runner who may NOT share interviews.


When the Recipient receives the email:

  • When the Recipient receives the email they click on the link to run the Interview.
  • If a password or PIN has been specified they will need to enter that to continue.
  • As the Recipient completes information into the interview, they can click on the “Save” button at any time to save any information captured so far.
  • Even if they forget to do this, their information will be saved every 60 seconds.
  • To re-load the interview with all the information that has been captured, the Recipient simply clicks on the link in the original email.
  • The Recipient can also forward the email with the link to other users who might need to add information, for example their accountant.
  • When they click Assemble, they may or may not have access to the document, the Sender will receive an email informing them that the interview has been completed.
  • The history in the Manage Shares (as detailed above) will be updated.


Designing templates with this in mind:

This article refers to validation on interviews, and how to ensure that the correct parties complete the correct fields.