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IncrementDate – XpressDox

Increment a date by a certain number of days, months or years.   Command structure: «IncrementDate(DateOfBirth,25, “y”)» The above will add 25 years to the value in the data element ‘DateOfBirth’.   Some simple examples:

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The DaysBetween Function – XpressDox

The DayBetween function returns the number of days between the two dates. For example: I was born on «FormatDate(DateOfBirth,‘d MMMM yyyy’)» which means I am «floor(DaysBetween(Today(),DateOfBirth) div 365.25)» years old.

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FormatDate – XpressDox

Dates can be formatted according to patterns defined in the fillpoints.   Command structure: «FormatDate(Date_of_Engagement,”yyyy-MM-dd”)» «FormatDate(Date_of_Signature,”MMM d yyyy”)» «FormatDate(Date_of_Dismissal,”d MMMM, yyyy”)» «FormatDate(Date_of_Signature,”MMMM o yyyy”)» «FormatDate(Date_of_Signature,”dddd MMMM o yyyy”)»   These examples would result in something

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