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ChooseFromHzRDBList – XpressDox

Present a list of horizontal radio buttons on your XpressDox interview   Command structure: «ChooseFromHzRDBList(Entity_Type,Individual,Corporate)»       By default the first value in the fillpoint will be selected, but it is possible to remove

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ChooseFromList – XpressDox

This is a command which will present the user (via the interview) with a list of options from which to choose the value of a data element rather than a free-format text field.   Command

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ChooseFromRDBList – XpressDox

Present a list of choices to the user on the XpressDox interview in the form of ‘Radio Buttons’.   Command structure: «ChooseFromRDBList(style,free,formal,semi-formal)» Inserting a ChooseFromRDBList command into your template does not necessarily place the control

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