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AlignCaption – XpressDox

Change the alignment of one data element on your XpressDox interview.   Command structure: «AlignCaption(Name,Top)»   By default, all captions in the interview for a template are aligned to the left of the interview screen.

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ChooseUsingCheckBox – XpressDox

Use this command to display a Checkbox on the interview.   Command structure: «ChooseUsingCheckBox(Beneficiary,Y,N,N)»   Examples of usage: The command can be written as simply as this, and when the data element is chosen its

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PE (PhraseEnd) – XpressDox

Use PhraseEnding to punctuate the ends of phrases or clauses.   The PhraseEnd (shortened to PE) is used to control punctuation at the end of conditional phrases or clauses. Say for instance you have checkboxes

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Correct Gender on your XpressDox templates

Suppose you have a document which you want to personalise as far as pronouns are concerned. In other words, instead of having “he/she” in many places, you want to have only “he” or “she” depending on the sex of the party concerned. Check how this is done using the ChooseUsingCheckbox command.

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