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Data source

Configuring data sources

The Data Sources facility provides a way for data captured into some other system to be merged into templates. For example, users may wish to be able to have address and other contact information from Microsoft® Outlook inserted into letters. This would be achieved by defining the Outlook Contacts as a Data Source.

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Configure A Data Source for an Elite Database

XpressDox can retrieve data from just about any data base, but in particular, data from the Elite practice management system can be made available to your templates. The Elite data base is a Microsoft® SQL Server database, and so can be configured as such in the XpressDox configuration dialog.  Below follows a step-by-step look at configuring a

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Download the AdventureWorks database

Some of the sample templates which are delivered with XpressDox make use of one of the early instances of the Microsoft AdventureWorks SQL Server database.  This database can no longer be obtained from any Microsoft web site, and so a backup is made available here. You can download the .zip

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