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ExtractInitials – XpressDox

It is unkind to a user to expect them to fill in the full names of a person and then to type in the initials of that person. The ExtractInitials function relieves the user of this burden.

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Right – XpressDox

The Right function extracts the right most characters from a string   The Substring function in XpressDox The substring function provides all the functionality to extract pieces of a string, but Left and Right make

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String-length – XpressDox

String-length is used to test the length of a string (the value of a data element)     Consider the following example. The business rule is that the value of «Code» may not be more

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Substring – XpressDox

Use the substring function to extract a portion of a string in your XpressDox template   Extract from a position in the string until the end The following example will begin extracting the value of

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