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CaptureInGrid – XpressDox

Present repeating data to the user in a grid format –  a bit like a spreadsheet.   Command structure: «CaptureInGrid(Party,Yes)»   Examples of usage: «ForEach(Party)» Full Name: «FullNames» Type: «ChooseFromList(Type,,Individual,Entity)»«Type» Contact number: «ContactNumber» «End()» «CaptureInGrid(Party,Yes)»

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Working with repeated elements – Part 1

Repeating data elements presents a challenge to the template author, especially in formulating sentences and descriptions where the number of parties or invoice items or other repeating data is unknown at the time of authoring the template. This recipe in the Cookbook demonstrates how XpressDox meets this challenge.

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ForEach: Handling repeating data

The central issue with repeating data is that the number of repeated data elements is not known at the time the template is authored, and so XpressDox offers the ForEach, List and Ordinal commands as a way of processing a variable number of repeated data elements.

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Using block commands in XpressDox

The ForEach and If commands are called ‘block commands’ because they are terminated with a separate End command. Between the start and end of the block there are other Merge Fields. There is a special behaviour related to block commands to help with eliminating unwanted empty paragraphs when the start and end appear on different paragraphs.

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Last – XpressDox

XpressDox templates make use of XSLT functions The last() function inserts the value of the last repeating item in a given ForEach repeater. It is an XSLT function, but can be used in an XpressDox

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Plural – XpressDox

Ensuring that plurals are correct on your XpressDox templates Generic documents such as contracts often have numerous places where constructs such as “is/are” or “child/children” appear, or else the singular is always used document has

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RemoveRowIf – XpressDox

Removes a table row in your XpressDox template if a certain condition is true.   When your template contains a table and that table contains rows which should be only included if certain conditions are

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Sum – XpressDox

Add up repeating numbers using the Sum() function   To simply add up all the numbers inside a ForEach, you can use the Sum() function as demonstrated below: «ForEach(Invoice_item)» «position()». «Desc»: «FormatNumber(Amount)» «End()» TOTAL: «FormatNumber(sum(Invoice_item/Amount))»

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