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ChooseFromHzRDBList – XpressDox

Present a list of horizontal radio buttons on your XpressDox interview   Command structure: «ChooseFromHzRDBList(Entity_Type,Individual,Corporate)»     By default the first value in the fillpoint will be selected, but it is possible to remove the

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ChooseFromRDBList – XpressDox

Present a list of choices to the user on the XpressDox interview in the form of ‘Radio Buttons’.   Command structure: «ChooseFromRDBList(style,free,formal,semi-formal)» Inserting a ChooseFromRDBList command into your template does not necessarily place the control

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Debug – XpressDox

Missing or superfluous End commands When a template is run, XpressDox will check for missing and floating End commands as well as floating Else commands. Wherever possible, the error message warning about one of these

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The If Block (v14) – XpressDox

The ribbon With the launch of XpressDox low code, or version 14, the If Block is now available directly from the ribbon. This makes inserting conditional logic really quick and simple. Open the If Block

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If Command – XpressDox

Using the If command, chunks of text can be included in or excluded from the assembled document depending on values provided by the user in the interview.   Command structure: «If(Balance_Outstanding > 10000)» «If(Beneficiary =

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Using block commands in XpressDox

The ForEach and If commands are called ‘block commands’ because they are terminated with a separate End command. Between the start and end of the block there are other Merge Fields. There is a special behaviour related to block commands to help with eliminating unwanted empty paragraphs when the start and end appear on different paragraphs.

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IsFalse – XpressDox

Using the IsFalse function in Document Logic in your XpressDox template   The IsFalse function is the same as the IsTrue function, but will test for a false value.

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IsTrue – XpressDox

Using the IsTrue function in Document Logic in your XpressDox template   When an XML dataset is sourced from a data source, or perhaps from an XML text file which has been populated by user

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Advanced Conditional Logic

Suppose you would like to write a sentence something like one of the following, depending on the age of a child: My child <ChildName> is a teenager and is allowed to watch movies rated for 13

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