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Getting data from data sources into a template

XpressDox Docussembly™ document assembly software makes it easy to perform advanced document assembly functions, like selecting a single instance of a repeated data element, including data from a data source, and using the ‘Refresh’ and ‘Save’ options with templates using data sources.

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How to change data or insert new data into a data source

Data from a data base can be inserted into a template. Perhaps this data has changed since it was last updated in the database, and the template-running-user is the one who knows about this change. It should be permissible for the user to change the data and have the change propagated back into the database.

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Save the Dataset into a Database Column

There are any number of reasons that you might want to save the dataset for a template into a single column in as database.  One of these would be to report on the data set, as described here. The first step is to write the dataset into a column.  This is

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