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DocumentBody – XpressDox

Letterheads in XpressDox The DocumentBody command is used in conjunction with a BaseTemplate command and is used to fill the contents of the document after inserting the letterhead. The BaseTemplate / DocumentBody construct is fine

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IncludeSpreadsheet – XpressDox

Embed a spreadsheet into an assembled document   Using the IncludeSpreadsheet command, you can embed a spreadsheet into the assembled document.  This uses Microsoft’s OLE technology, which means that when you view the assembled document

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IncludeTemplate – XpressDox

An entire template file can be inserted into the document using the «IncludeTemplate» command. The included template can contain Fillpoint definitions and even issue further IncludeTemplate commands.  It is treated thereafter exactly as if the contents of

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MergeTemplate – XpressDox

Creating packages / suites of documents   With the MergeTemplate function, it is possible to create many assembled documents from one interview. One template can use the MergeTemplate function to assemble a new document, or

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Source and destination formatting

When including part (or all) of one document into another, which is the basis of the BaseTemplate, IncludeTemplate and InsertDocument commands, there is always an issue about what formatting (styles, fonts, etc.) should be applied in the resulting document. XpressDox provides three options for this.

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