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IncrementV – XpressDox

Add an amount to an XpressDox variable using the IncrementV function.   Example 1: Supply the variable name only «IncrementV(‘Counter’)» This will add 1 to the value of the variable ‘Counter’.   Example 2: Supply

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Increment an amount to an XpressDox variable and remove the paragraph   IncrementVr() is essentially the same as IncrementV, except that the paragraph containing the function will be removed after it has performed its increment.

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Using variables to calculate totals

XpressDox give the template author the ability to perform calculations and other operations on the values of data elements, and to store those values in variables for later use in the template. One example of this is the ability to calculate totals on repeated data elements.

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SetVr – XpressDox

SetVr sets the value of an XpressDox variable, and removes the paragraph.   Reference material: Please read through this article to understand the difference between data elements and variables. And this article for an overview

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