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Conditional inclusion of paragraphs and clauses

Sometimes there are just too many choices of paragraph or clause to be included or excluded from a document. Using If and Else commands is inappropriate when there are hundreds of combinations. XpressDox has the powerful InsertDocument command to handle just this situation – where the user running the template chooses which clauses should be inserted.

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Select templates using a master template

Selection of multiple templates to be run can be done by the user using the XpressDox explorer, but the template author can also control the selection of templates using a master template with document-selection logic built into it.

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Source and destination formatting

When including part (or all) of one document into another, which is the basis of the BaseTemplate, IncludeTemplate and InsertDocument commands, there is always an issue about what formatting (styles, fonts, etc.) should be applied in the resulting document. XpressDox provides three options for this.

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