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InsertFormattedText – XpressDox

This command provides a multi line field on the interview.   Command structure: «InsertFormattedText(Address)»   The above fillpoint will cause the ‘Address’ to be formatted in the assembled document with each line of ‘Address’ on

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Capture a multi-line address in one field

You may not want to have to define 3 or 4 or some maximum number of address line data elements, and have the user capture them one at a time, and still provide conditional formatting logic to suppress any empty data elements. XpressDox document assembly supports this by the concept of long text fields.

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The CaptureAsLongText Command

CaptureAsLongText and InsertFormattedText. The data capture interview will provide a multi-line control into which the data for the data element can be captured: «CaptureAsLongText(PropertyDescription)» If this long text is included in the document via a

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