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InsertFormattedText – XpressDox

This command provides a multi line field on the interview.   Command structure: «InsertFormattedText(Address)»   The above fillpoint will cause the ‘Address’ to be formatted in the assembled document with each line of ‘Address’ on its own line in the merged document, just as it was entered by the user

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Capture a multi-line address in one field

You may not want to have to define 3 or 4 or some maximum number of address line data elements, and have the user capture them one at a time, and still provide conditional formatting logic to suppress any empty data elements. XpressDox document assembly supports this by the concept of long text fields.

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The CaptureAsLongText Command

CaptureAsLongText and InsertFormattedText. The data capture interview will provide a multi-line control into which the data for the data element can be captured: «CaptureAsLongText(PropertyDescription)» If this long text is included in the document via a simple fillpoint (in the above example: «PropertyDescription»), then any line breaks which the user may

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