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Comparison of XpressDox Server Functionality

Feature Cloud/Integration WinAuth AUTHENTICATION Forms Authentication WindowsAuthentication (ActiveDirectory) HOSTED Cloud Local Network FOLDER STRUCTURE Restricted to Registered Account Configured via sharedSettings file FOLDER PERMISSIONS Restricted using CustomUser Groups defined in theapplication Active DirectoryFile and folderpermissions areadhered to ACCESS TO FILE SYSTEM Only if Self hosted Yes USER MANAGEMENT XpressDox Active

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Understanding Template Identifiers

What is a template identifier (template ID): When a template is uploaded to a cloud environment it is assigned a template identifier. This template ID is used in integrations between XpressDox and 3rd party applications. Because the integrated application needs to refer to the template ID it is important that

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Configure XpressDox to Use Secure Protocol SSI (HTTPS)

This article is intended to help you convert your self-hosted XpressDox installation from HTTP to HTTPS. Ensure that the following pre-requisites are in place: A valid SSL Certificate is installed for your site The IIS Rewrite Module is installed An https binding site binding has been added Once those are

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