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ChooseFromRDBList – XpressDox

Present a list of choices to the user on the XpressDox interview in the form of ‘Radio Buttons’.   Command structure: «ChooseFromRDBList(style,free,formal,semi-formal)» Inserting a ChooseFromRDBList command into your template does not necessarily place the control

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The If Block (v14) – XpressDox

The ribbon With the launch of XpressDox low code, or version 14, the If Block is now available directly from the ribbon. This makes inserting conditional logic really quick and simple. Open the If Block

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InterviewRelevance – XpressDox

Overview When XpressDox constructs an interview, it uses the document assembly instructions in the template to guide the layout of the interview.  For example, if the first occurrence in the template of a fillpoint referencing

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