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Working with LinkToDataSource

Working with LinkToDataSource – example with a highly normalised data base. You need to access a database which has the following structure: Table “Contact” ContactFirstName ContactLastName ContactTitle Address City Region ContactTypeId Table “ContactType” TypeId TypeDescription TypeCode You can see that the actual value of TypeDescription is not kept in the

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Configure a Web Service as a Data Source

Configuring a web service as a data source follows the same first steps as for other data sources. The first place where it differs is (obviously) at the point where you choose the type of data source: When you press the “Finish” button, the data source will be entered into

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Save the Dataset into a Database Column

There are any number of reasons that you might want to save the dataset for a template into a single column in as database.  One of these would be to report on the data set, as described here. The first step is to write the dataset into a column.  This is

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The LinkToDataSource Command

LinkToDataSource links any control on the interview to a data source (a control is what the user uses to enter data, such as a straight forward text box, or a checkbox, or a dropdown, etc.).  It means that when the focus moves off that control, a call to the data

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