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Document per Repeated Item (new style)

Problem Statement Suppose you have an application which requires that one or more parties sign a suretyship document, with the requirement that each party signs their own document, not that they all sign the same document. The first thing to do is set up the suretyship template, with the relevant

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Filling PDF Forms

PDF documents which have been prepared with PDF Form Fields (using a suitable PDF Form editor) can be filled with data captured with an XpressDox interview.  In fact, the PDF form can be filled with data from ANY source, as long as it is in XML form. There are a

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Using Scripts in PDF Form fields

When you are defining a PDF form field map in the Prepare PDF Form UI, you can specify that the source for a particular PDF field is either a data element, or a script. If one or more scripts are specified, then the scripts need to be defined in a

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