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MultiEquals – XpressDox

Compare a value against the contents of a list which is constructed by the MultiSelect or DefineSetAllGroup. Command structure: «If(MultiEquals(OptionList,’ABC’))»Yes, ‘ABC’ is in «OptionList»«Else()»No, ‘ABC’ is not in «OptionList»«End()» Example: «ChooseUsingCheckBox(SelectAll,Y,N,N)» «MultiSelect(SelectAll,Option1~~ABC~~Option2~~DEF~~Option3~~XYZ,|,OptionList)» «OptionList» «If(MultiEquals(OptionList,’ABC’))»Yes, ‘ABC’ is in «OptionList»«Else()»No, ‘ABC’ is not in «OptionList»«End()» In the above example, MultiSelect or DefineSetAllGroup

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