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Caption – XpressDox

The XpressDox caption command can be used to make the question text for a field more descriptive on the interview.   Command structure: «Caption(FieldName,Descriptive Caption Text)»   Examples of usage: Simple example: «FirstName» «Caption(FirstName,First Name

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CaptureDataElement – XpressDox

The background to this command probably needs a bit of experience in authoring more complex templates. Because XpressDox uses XSLT technology to format the documents, it is possible to use XSLT and XPath expressions to control some of the processing.

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ChooseFromList – XpressDox

This is a command which will present the user (via the interview) with a list of options from which to choose the value of a data element rather than a free-format text field.   Command

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The Question Command – XpressDox

The Question Command in XpressDox Document Automation With the launch of XpressDox low code, or version 14, the Question command was introduced to simplify the process of template coding. On the XpressDox ribbon click “New

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The If Block (v14) – XpressDox

The ribbon With the launch of XpressDox low code, or version 14, the If Block is now available directly from the ribbon. This makes inserting conditional logic really quick and simple. Open the If Block

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FormatDate – XpressDox

Dates can be formatted according to patterns defined in the fillpoints.   Command structure: «FormatDate(Date_of_Engagement,”yyyy-MM-dd”)» «FormatDate(Date_of_Signature,”MMM d yyyy”)» «FormatDate(Date_of_Dismissal,”d MMMM, yyyy”)» «FormatDate(Date_of_Signature,”MMMM o yyyy”)» «FormatDate(Date_of_Signature,”dddd MMMM o yyyy”)»   These examples would result in something

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InsertDataElement – XpressDox

The XpressDox InsertDataElement command   The XpressDox InsertDataElement command performs the same function as the “Re-use Field” on the XpressDox ribbon. After selecting the command from the Command Assistant, choose a Field name from the

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PE (PhraseEnd) – XpressDox

Use PhraseEnding to punctuate the ends of phrases or clauses.   The PhraseEnd (shortened to PE) is used to control punctuation at the end of conditional phrases or clauses. Say for instance you have checkboxes

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