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Right – XpressDox

The Right function extracts the right most characters from a string   The Substring function in XpressDox The substring function provides all the functionality to extract pieces of a string, but Left and Right make

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String-length – XpressDox

String-length is used to test the length of a string (the value of a data element)     Consider the following example. The business rule is that the value of «Code» may not be more

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Testing parts of a string – XpressDox

Working with strings in XpressDox templates   StartsWith The StartsWith function is used to test whether a string starts with a given string: «If(StartsWith(Surname,’van ‘)»«Title» «Surname» is probably of Dutch descent.«End()» «If(StartsWith(Surname,’van ‘)»«SetV(‘LastPart’,substring-after(Surname,’van ‘))»«End()» In

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Using XSLT functions – XpressDox

XpressDox uses XSLT technology to insert data elements into Merge Fields. This means that a vast amount of functionality is available to the experienced user, especially the XSLT functions, which are used to format data. XpressDox functions and XSLT functions can be mixed in one Merge Field

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