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xpressdox server

UAT testing – XpressDox

All server releases are rolled to UAT instances before being promoted to Live. You can login to the corresponding UAT instance to test your templates against new releases.

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Comparison of XpressDox Server Functionality

Feature Cloud/Integration WinAuth AUTHENTICATION Forms Authentication WindowsAuthentication (ActiveDirectory) HOSTED Cloud Local Network FOLDER STRUCTURE Restricted to Registered Account Configured via sharedSettings file FOLDER PERMISSIONS Restricted using CustomUser Groups defined in theapplication Active DirectoryFile and folderpermissions areadhered to ACCESS TO FILE SYSTEM Only if Self hosted Yes USER MANAGEMENT XpressDox Active

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Interview Integration – JavaScript and iFrame

Over and above the API (Server to Server Communication), XpressDox also offers Interivew Integration. (3rd Party Server to Browser to XpressDox Server Communication). Integration Information The XpressDox Server provides code snippets to make integration of interviews really easy for you. To access these snippets: Sign in to your XpressDox Cloud

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How to setup Scheduled Tasks in a self-hosted environment

The Scheduled Tasks feature enables you to setup: a periodic ‘cleanup’ or deleting of both documents and data files from specified folders. a regular building of artifacts so that during template maintenance, these artifacts can be rebuilt at a convenient time, make the templates run noticeably faster. the emptying of

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