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How to achieve a silent install – XpressDox

A silent XpressDox install can be achieved using PowerShell or SCCM

Download the XpressDox exe file from our Downloads page.


How to install:

To perform a silent installation, download the xpressdox.exe from the Downloads page
Create a silent.bat as follows:

cd <path to xpressdox exe>

Upon installation of XpressDox, a troubleshooter icon is placed on the Desktop, and the Learning Center is launched. Both of these can be switched off in the bat file.


How to uninstall:

To uninstall XpressDox, run the following .exe.
c:\program files\XpressDox\WordAddin\xpressdox_uninstall.exe /silent


How to distribute the license:

Once you have obtained your site license from XpressDox, the location for the Runner license file is c:\Users\<userName>\AppData\Local\o2Smart\DocumentAssembly\XDLicence.lic


Information on updates:

When a new version of XpressDox Desktop is released, a “New Version” button on the ribbon will be shown to users, indicating that they can update. Should you wish to block that functionality in order to push silent updates, block this URL: