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Integrate your XpressDox interview, optionally using SSO

Integrating the XpressDox explorer into a 3rd party application, including SSO:

When integrating your XpressDox interview into a 3rd party application, the XpressDox explorer can be embedded in an iFrame using this URL:



Integrating a specific XpressDox interview, including SSO:

Or you can load a specific interview like this:


Read here about template identifers

Integrating a specific XpressDox interview, without SSO:



Present a simplified Explorer view to the user:

Hide the logo, search bar and side bar by adding the following to your URL:


A full URL would look like this: https://<theXpressDoxInstance><yourTemplateIdentifier>&iframeView=true


Send data into your XpressDox interview:

If you add additional parameters to the URL e.g. the MatterID and ClientID as shown below, the values of the data elements for example «MatterID» and «ClientID» will be injected into the interview.



Without using SSO, that URL would look like this:



Note that in the first example, we are sending in hard carded Matter and Client ID’s. And in the second example, we are sending in data elements from the template as the Client and Matter ID’s. They can be fixed, or variable.