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Converting old delimiters << to new delimiters «

Fillpoint delimiters in your XpressDox templates

If you are a long time user of XpressDox you may be aware that some years back we changed our Fillpoint delimiters from << >> to « ». It is of course fine to stay with either type of Fillpoint delimiters, and you can set your preference in Useful Tool > Utilities > Configure and Convert Delimiters.

Complications may arise when you are authoring new templates; templates which include other templates (e.g. IncludeTemplate, MergeTemplate, InsertTemplate) may not mix delimiters. So there might be a need to convert old delimiters to the newer style. Follow these steps to do the conversion:


1. Highlight and copy an opening chevron with Ctrl C

2. Ctrl H (to Find and Replace)

3. Find what: <<

4. Replace with: ^c (the contents of your clipboard)

5. Replace All


That will replace all opening delimiters in your template.  Now do the same for the closing chevrons.